Convention 2020 Program

An amazing catalog of speakers and presentations has been curated to create the experience of 2020 for Professional Speakers in Australia.

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  • 1. Pre Con - Learning Labs

    13 March 2020

  • 2. Convention Opening

    13 March 2020

  • 3. Saturday

    14 March 2020

  • 4. Sunday

    15 March 2020

  • 5. Post Con - Masterclass Monday

    16 March 2020

  • Come behind the scenes as Anneli Blundell (Professional People Whisperer) shares some strategies on how to handle a hostile crowd. Hostility is not just heckling or verbal pushback, hostility, as far as the brain is concerned, can be something as simple as blank faces, side comments or people on their phones. As a professional speaker, there comes a time when you will present to a less engaged audience (or audience member). Whether the audience is mandated to attend your session or just not impressed by your content, or whether they are simply having a bad day, not everyone will engage with you and your message all of the time. For the most part, this is par for the course as a public speaker (or for anyone making a work presentation or sharing an idea in a meeting), but some audience responses can throw us off our game. Join Anneli in this session as she shares the three types of hostile crowds you need to be aware of, and the strategies for effectively winning them over, or neutralizing their impact on others.

  • The agenda is out for the Platform Professionals Summit on the Friday of Convention! This year's Convention theme is 'Experience' and, as speakers, sometimes we have to overcome adverse experiences, which is what we will be exploring on the day.

  • Unpacking the Speaker Driven Business Model, Jacqueline will step you through the five key stages of building a knowledge based business where speaking is your core strategy to market. With her experience launching 6 and 7 figure consultancies, and driving multiple 8 figure growth with speaking as a key strategy to market, Jacqueline has spent the last three years working with clever people who not only want to be paid for their work, but are keenly interested in creating influence and positioning through speaking. Responsible for driving multiple 6-figure client growth, together with launching speaking careers, it is within this work that she has been able to distil and confirm the lessons from her own previous career; that you must understand where your knowledge really sits, the speaking-driven-business model that will suit you, and the irrefutable truths of how to build with strength. Expect to walk away with a fresh perspective, strong frameworks, and your personal heat map of exactly where you are at and the opportunities that exist in your world right now. In this workshop, Jordana will teach you how to generate unique content ideas that will have an impact. You'll learn how to develop a unique brand voice, how to generate captivating visuals, how to use compelling storytelling techniques to connect with your audience, and how to grow your creative skillset and apply innovative approaches to your social media marketing strategy in order to stand out and capture attention

  • In today’s noisy digital world, we’re all content creators. And brands and businesses and fighting for attention. So, how can you rise above the chaos to create awesome online experiences that will capture your audience members' hearts, minds and imaginations? The key is creativity and innovation. In this workshop, Jordana will teach you how to generate unique content ideas that will have an impact. You'll learn how to develop a unique brand voice, how to generate captivating visuals, how to use compelling storytelling techniques to connect with your audience, and how to grow your creative skillset and apply innovative approaches to your social media marketing strategy in order to stand out and capture attention

  • Sponsored by Dean Publishing

  • The PSA TODAY Show; Hosted by comic wit Kate Burr and featuring special guest Ian Stephens (and a couple of mystery guests). Get ready to be entertained, inspired and equipped with tools to ensure your revenue targets happen.

  • Like it or not technology is now part of every business, yes including your speaking one. And if you want to get more done in less time, you must make technology your friend. Join award-winning entrepreneur, Dale Beaumont, as he shares with you 14 new ‘tech tools’ that every speaker should know about and be using. Dale assures us this presentation will blow your mind and the value of what you learn will more than cover the cost of attending the whole event. In this presentation audience members will discover… - A powerful tool to title & caption social media videos fast - How to increase the conversion rate of your website by 8% - A software tool to maximise the value of Facebook Groups - How to increase the open and response rate of any email - The new one gadget you should carry everywhere you go

  • Have you ever wanted to crack the code of Networking so that the time, money and energy you spend actually gets results for your speaking business? Then attend this high energy (of course it is Ailsa and Julie are running it), fun, hands on session to discover the formula to add power to your networking right now. It is learning in action so you will immediately improve your chances of business referral. As a bonus you also get to connect with your inner rockstar!

  • Speakers are always looking for fresh, compelling stories. We never want to run out of stories! Say no to stale, recycled, outdated stories. Why? Stories are like Velcro for our audience.. Facts tell, stories sell you, your brand and your message. The right story lands your message, makes you stand out as a speaker and inspires action. Sizzling stories get speakers booked again, again and again In this deep dive session: • Learn how to avoid deadly storytelling sins • Explore deep secrets for successful storytelling • Discover how to use storytelling to inspire Practical, inspiring informative! A must-attend session.

  • Andrew Griffiths has been a successful professional speaker in one form or another for 35 years. He is an international bestselling business author and a world class educator. In the past 10 years Andrew has developed a reputation for planning and delivering highly immersive and impacting retreats everywhere from Australia to Asia and Europe. In this workshop Andrew will share the enormous financial opportunity that comes with running your own retreats whilst at the same time avoiding the most common mistakes that stop most speakers from ever getting their retreats off the ground.

  • Now how do you leverage this baby for mass exposure to capture the attention of future clients? Join the Social Sisters Kirryn Zerna and Jillian Bullock as they reveal successful strategies to attract mass attention before, during and after the event on social media. A not-to-be-missed session packed with useful tips and tools that you can apply straight away.

  • How do you ensure that every time you speak, it generates more work? It's more than your performance on stage. It starts with your website, your digital footprint and your processes. 2018 Keynote Speaker of the Year is going to take you behind the scenes of her speaking business and show you exactly what she does to get a 90% repeat and referral rate, including generating 15-20% of her work from referrals from other speakers. Amanda will also show you some of the simple technologies and strategies she uses to make her message memorable long after she's walked off stage, including growing her database by 500% in just two years. This workshop is interactive and you'll walk away with a blueprint for delivering exceptional experiences for your clients.

  • Speaking Internationally; what is the impact on your business? What does a customer expect from you as a speaker? What is your choice: only speaking or delivering services as well? Both Paul ter Wal CSP and Nienke Bloem CSP know what it takes to speak on different international podiums. With regards to booking, currency, visa, expectations and cultural differences. But also what you can add to your speaking in another country: how do you use your network or create one. If you want to grow your business in other countries, deliver value and earn money; visit these two Dutchies who know how to be global speakers. They take you along all phases of the customer journey and you walk away with at least two new insights. Bold, honest and of course as fellow speakers. Spice up your global speaking in this session. And we won’t split the bills.

  • The masquerade themed evening will include PSA highly regarded awards; Kerrie Nairn Scholar Award, Breakthruogh Speaker of the Year, Industry Partner of the Year, Educator of the Year, Keynote Presenter of the Year and Nevin Award. Sponsored by Media Stable

  • How to create presentations and programs that connect an audience to your message, so it memorable, repeatable and referable. In this practical, engaging session some of Australia's very best Educators will show you they Design for Impact, Design to Engage; Design to Inspire; Design to Reframe; Design to Simplify the Complex; Design to Transform and Design to Challenge. Now more than ever before our audiences need for us to deliver a presentation that inspires, provides insights, that has a profound impact and influences them in such a transformational way. This session will be so good, you will want to bottle it!

  • It's simple. Play, grow, save, win. But you'll have to compete. More. Transform. More. Have fun. More. I mean have more fun... Aaarghhh! ... dammit... it was going so well. "Don't beat yourself up," as they say. Nope. Do the opposite: beat yourself up. Intentionally. In this session I'll share with you how to gamify your business growth, making it fun, fast and focussed, to beat your previous best, and then ... I'll show you how to get on with saving the world as an example - it's a keynote within a keynote... In a world of disruption, distraction and doubted truth, it's simple. Play, grow, save, win. Enjoy.

  • By the end of the conference there is so much to take in and it can feel overwhelming. Phil and Lucy will help you reflect on your experience and prioritse the actions that you are going to take.

  • Hear from outgoing President Russell Pearson about the year that was and from incoming President Tony Eades about future of PSA. An exciting year ahead for Professional Speakers Australia.

  • Speakers deliver value, knowledge, education, entertainment and a vision, but why are there so few who are able to regularly engage with radio, television, print, magazines and online? Each media engagement is a building block for the success of your speaking career. It carries authority, recognition and brand value ahead of every speaking gig you do in the future. How can you maximise the opportunity? How can you make yourself more appealing to the media and what are some of the hacks to getting that media engagement you desire? During the session we will be working through the theory and practical aspects of getting in the media. What is media looking for from you? What can you be looking to gain from media traction? This session is for beginners and experienced speakers and media performers. You will walk away better armed to perform in the media and ready to book your next media appearance.

  • Learn how to increase lead generation and be seen as the expert in your industry using video and social media. Did you know that video has 1200% more engagement and shares on social media than text and photos combined? Did you know that people spend 88% more time on a website with video? Video is the most effective way to promote your speaking career, but if used incorrectly it can seriously damage your professional image. That’s why it’s vital that you understand how video works before producing videos. At this presentation you will learn: • How video works, what to avoid when producing your own videos and how to ensure that the videos you produce don’t work against you • How to effectively increase brand awareness, lead generation and conversion rate using video • Tips and techniques to film your own videos for social media, including the equipment to buy and how to use it

  • What differentiates keynote speakers is humour. Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk titled ‘Do schools kill creativity?‘ has been watched over 63 million times. It’s the most watched keynote speech of all time, and it’s also hilarious. The best Bill Gates had been able to achieve was 5.5 million, Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google, 1.8 million, and even the former US President, Bill Clinton, had only accumulated a measly 930,000 views on All these speakers are household names, and yet the relatively unknown British comedian, James Veitch, has more than ten times their views. Why? Again, because like Ken Robinson, James Veitch is funny. In this three hour workshop, comedian Gerry Masi, will introduce you to techniques which will add to your appeal, build goodwill with your audience, and ultimately make you more successful. You will learn: 1. The Normal-Normal-Twist joke structure, 2. Random Word joke creation, and 3. Crowd work.